School is over (for the year). I’ve found someone I can love without hating myself. I’ve made my way up to the IT department of the school building.
I’ve been occupying myself with more thoughts than I probably should, but it’s not like that’s new.
I might soon be going on the stand against my (mentally) abusive mother. She’s switched targets; as I fade from her, for my own health, she goes to my sister and brother and teaches them greed and ungrateful conductivity… It angers me, so I will switch topics.
My sexuality has become more comfortable now that somebody knows. My religion as well has become a second nature. I’m a horrid Buddhist, but I WILL become the best I can be. My father resents it by ignoring my pleads, and he still drags me to church, but I forgive him, for that is what his religion is about.
My class hasn’t changed much. They’re still idiots, in one way or another, but they take their own courses. I can’t change that.
I’m trying my best to write, but we just finished our finals, and I’m still figuring out who my true friends are, and my family is on the edge of a damned cliff. Such is life.
Either way, I better get off this and get back to work. You have a great day now!




Here ends my speech season. Today rests my most successful seasons of the two. I am not mad. I am not sad. I take this in pride.
I guess that’s all there is to it. Be happy, because you’ve made it this far…
I figure it’s also a life lesson, so learn it fast 🙂

Motives… Again

So, this is the third time that he’s brought this crap up. He
rants about my “needing to be a leader”, and my “stop talking to your
friends and do your work right”.
Though he’s half right, he doesn’t even know the people I’m
talking to. He doesn’t know their purpose in my life, and that scares
the hell out of me when he yells at me like this. I’ve been told to
put my phone away before while I was in the middle of talking a girl
out of suicide. Instead of eating, I went for a walk. She lived.

Enough about me. I’ll tell you what bothers me the most out of
this whole ordeal; Motives. Parents most often don’t understand why
their kids operate differently then them. They stay up countless
nights wondering about why, and when their child will “pull their head
out of their ass”. That is a horrid way to go about it.
MOTIVES. Just because you strive to be you, or you strive to be
“the best” doesn’t mean I’m going to do the same throughout my life.
My motives are not the same as yours, and vice versa. Don’t expect
that to change just for one person.
If you still don’t understand what I’m saying, find your motives,
look at someone else, and find their motives. Are they the same?
F***ing no.


The Real You

Read this. YOU, SIR!!! YOU, MAM!!!! READ. THIS.

Uncover Your Potential

An astounding fact is that there are an estimated 7.2 BILLION people on this planet right now. And of those 7.2 billion people, there is only one you. Whether past, present, or future there will never be another person exactly like you. To put it in perspective, you are as rare as this moment in time you are experiencing right now. And just like this moment, YOU are irreplaceable.

But what is the real you?

In a world of commercials, billboards, and internet ads, we are constantly being conditioned on what is the “social norm.” Society tells us how we should act, what to buy, and how to dress. That if you don’t follow these rules you may be LABELED as odd or strange. Don’t believe me; see how many confused looks you get when you start telling your friends you’ve gone vegetarian,  would rather read than watch TV, or…

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The problem of being mature

If you were to see me, you would think I’m two years older than I am.

If you were to talk to me, you would think I’m four years older than I am.

If you were to know me, you would know my age, but treat me as you feel necessary.

This is the joy of modern society; the stupid remain their stereotypical selves while the ones who see reality excel, and astonish their elders. The general population wonders why the few of us are so mature. It’s because we’ve refused to be part of the majority, and to be stereotyped as ignorant. We are our own. No one will change that, but us.
We realize what’s important. We know what is wrong. We just don’t have the opportunities to show our wisdom, because we’re put down, thanks to the majority.
Get to know someone, and they may be like the minority of great thinkers, philosophers, wise men/women, and spokespersons. You’ll be enlightened. I promise you that. You just have to open you eyes to find the right ones.


Speech tip

So, today at my speech meet, I received a first place medal. As overjoyed as I am, I still don’t understand why placement is such a huge thing.
For any newer speechies, know that it’s not about winning. Speech is meant to develop your speaking skills, AAAAAAAANNNND, it’s meant for a person to have FUN. I met three really great people today. That’s all I needed. I’m content with it.
So, again for any newer speech members; have fun. Don’t worry about placing.